Learn a lot about a little

“Use research to learn a lot about a little”

Dr. David Travis, User Focus

Recently I attended NUX3, where Dr. David Travis did a brilliant talk on the seven deadly sins of user research.  One thing that really stood out for me was that user research should be used to learn a lot about little.  In David’s words; The more you cram into a dishwasher the less that comes out clean.

David suggest writing your questions on post it notes, grouping these into themes using an affinity diagram and then prioritising your most important questions.

It’s all about build > measure > learn > repeat.

The power of visual imagery & language

At Code we use PET (persuasion, emotion & trust) in most of the projects we carry out.  Oglivy’s new campaign for Expedia makes great use of a few techniques using those all to familiar three letter airport tags.

Visual imagery

The design makes good use of instantly recognisable visuals to create an emotional response and speed up response time.


The advert uses images and words that users associate with a specific concept, travel.

Story telling

The adverts tell a story that includes the users. They use words that suggest a number of different narratives that we are all familiar with whether this is humorous situation, asking our parents for money or missing a loved one.


The advert places a small nudge at the end of the page stating “stop wishing, start searching”. This is a nice reminder that the user should search for a holiday on Expedia.

Oglivy Expedia advertising campaign

Oglivy: Expedia advertising campaign


Written while listening to

Jon Hopkins ‘Light Through The Veins’

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