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British Film Institute (BFI). Founded in 1933 the British Film Institute is a film and charitable organisation.   They promote and preserve filmmaking and television in the United Kingdom.

My Role

Lead User Experience Designer working within the talented team @ mN (Full Time)

BFI Filmography Sketching

The Brief

Create the largest public searchable data dashboard dedicated to UK feature films by condensing over 10,000 film titles into one dashboard of interactive data visualisations.

About the Project.

BFI Filmography Dashboard

The BFI filmography is a dashboard of interactive data visualisations.  It allows people to explore more than 10,000 films featuring around 250,000 individuals with over 630,000 credits, in real time.

BFI Filmography Filters

Visitors to the dashboard can chart the development of British film and the people that make it from the 1930’s to the present day.   The visualisations allow people to discover facts such as who the most prolific actor is from each generation and which subjects are most popular in British film.

BFI Filmography People

The BFI launched the Filmography in September 2017 with a focus on revealing stories around gender.  By revealing these stories the BFI have opened up conversations around gender in British film in national publications such as the Guardian and the BBC.  In time the BFI hope the data can be used to help move the industry forward and promote diversity in British film.

What We DidBFI Filmography Sketches

The work we carried out included:

  • User story mapping
  • User Journeys
  • User Flows
  • System diagrams
  • Collaborative sketching
  • Paper prototyping
  • Invision prototypes
  • Interaction design


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