Without Thought

Drew Circle

Hello, I am a User Experience Designer with 6+ years design experience working at Code Computerlove in Manchester.

People should not have to think about an object when they are using it. Not having to think about it makes the relationship between a person and an object run more smoothly. Finding ideas in people’s spontaneous behaviour and realizing these ideas in design is what ‘Without Thought’ is about.

Naoto Fukasawa, Without A Thought

Get off your ruminating ass and just do it

Sometimes you don’t need a brilliant idea, or even be a first-mover, to start a successful business. You just need to get off your ruminating ass and just do it. This is a lesson especially applicable to those locked down by the golden handcuffs of a cushy job and a steady paycheck.

Jeffery To, April 28 2010, It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.